#1092 Fuzzy Double Garnet Hammock

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****NEW SIZE FOR 2021***


A Bit wider and and a bit longer than the hammocks of years gone by. You can expect the same, exceptional  quality of all hammocks past and present. With over 16 years of hammock-making experience. Hammocks from The Hammock Hut are among the finest that you will find anywhere and at any price.


Uniquely handcrafted in small batches right here in the USA , you can expect to receive a unique design that will be a joy to own for years to come. 


These teady bear soft,  "Fuzzy" Hammocks are beautifully handcrafted from unusually high-quality fabrics...they will be a joy to own or to give ad as gift. order soon as I was only only able to make 5 of these color combinations. they are truly beautiful and the quality is exceptional. Bonus...each and every ingredient was Made In USA...100 percent.