purple Sherpa with new Tree straps

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i am very proud of the Sherpa Lleece-Lined hammocks.  They are really, really nice. i have been wanting to make these for a long time but because if the plush, thickness of the fleece. it takes a "beast of a sewing machine....I finally have that Machine. ;)  I am making more beginning tomorrow. soft inside. durable outside, breathable, larger size. and including new tree strap design that is better, stronger, longer, and includes 2,700 pound capacity caribiners that are engraved with "The Hammock Hut" on each one.

i am trying my best to land back on my feet. I am not "disabled," instead, I am determined. The very best thing that I can do after all of this this is to pick myself up, dust myself off, stay positive. and get back to work. at this point selling some of my work would be huge for my calm, for my life , and my piece of mind. I PROMISE that that these will be among the nicest ever. i Love this hammock and would be honored to make more with the thought that they are going to my friends. i am working like a dog to land back one my feet. if you feel like getting or "giving" a hammock.. your kind energy would go a very long way.

if you would like a sherpa fleece-lined hammock at a special price  for yourself or for a gift, it would be my honor to make one for you. Please leave a  getting back on my feet is what you would be helping me to do do and nothing in the world would mean more to me. <3 Please order here or don't hesitate to call me at 715-347-7467 with any questions..