Caribbean Coral Hammock (New larger size for 2022)

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I have been working my way through a stack of fabrics with anticipation. I try not to "cherry pick" the best of the best fabrics in a stack of rolls. Instead. I work my way to them. I finally did it. Today was fun, because, for two years, I thought that something really high-quality and beautiful was going to happen when I tot to these fabrics.

My instincts were right. I Love love love these. I did da ton of cutting and preparing for sewing and, after all of that hard work and anticipation. I ran out of steam after finishing the first one. I am satisfied. I wish that there could be more, but I am only able to make 24 of long as I don't screw anything up when sewing.

These are very expensive, commercial-grade fabrics. These hammocks will last a lifetime for anybody who is willing to take nice care of them. I have a ton of sewing to do to finish them, but there is a light at the end of the two-year tunnel. I am keeping one for myself for sure. I've them.

If you are interested, I am sewing them now and will be shipping very soon. There is a lot of interest with limited quantities. If you would like to "reserve" one, please go ahead and place your here.  Again, They will ship out very soon. I promise, these fabrics are pretty great and the new, slightly-larger size is an added bonus!  :)