"Detail" Crossbody Bag

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It was a really long day to try to make these 4 bags with complete attention to detail.Right down to each and every stitch and the beautiful liningS I started with the intent toon or marking 4, But a slight imperfection made ione bat not It make the "cut." These bags are going on to the internet at the website for The Hammock Hut (just google it to find it. I will them in the home page to make them easy to find. They are just a bit more pricey than the last batch because they were made in slow motion to insure that everything was as perfect as I could possibly do. If you are into before I can get trim onto the website, please reach out to me at 715-347-7467there is never a bad time to call...even noe in the middle of the night. Just finished them up. They are beautiful and there will only be 4 like them. Please call me if you have questions. Only 4 available and I am happy when you have ontwke your call anytime. :)