Dragonfly I.

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Only One Left!!


These are the best bags that I have ever made...no question about it. I have worked for a solid week to make 15 handcrafted bags using only the best fabrics. I have lost track of the number of hours that have been devoted to making these. The have a handcrafted look and feel about them with obvious attention to the quality of the assembly. These 15 bags represent my very best efforts in every way. 


There are are many enhancements to this year’s bag: 

removable strap

metal hardware

unique and very effective front closure

large, deep front pocket. 

Large interior pocket that contains two smaller pockets and a clip for keys

large, deep back pocket

large wallet-sized zipper back pocket. 

I carried a similar bag all last winter while traveling in Thailand. I learned, first-hand, what an ideal bag would feel like. The goal was to make a beautiful bag that is a piece of art and a joy to carry...not too big and not too small. I feel really good about these bags.There were initially 16 available and there is now only 1 available as I write this. They will never be duplicated in this fabric combination. :)