Hammock Stand Brackets (Set of Two)

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 Over the years we have met with many people who love our hammocks, but simply have no trees. Here is a wonderful, movable, affordable solution. These heavy steep brackets feature a durable, baked on enamel finish and create the ideal hammock stand that is capable of supporting two hammocks...side-by-side. 

 We offer these fantastic brackets both here, online, and at our shop in St. Germain. 

You supply the lumber and the screws. The shopping list is short. To complete the stand, you will only need five pieces of wood, 28 self-tapping screws, four eye-bolts, and four s-hooks.

One Treated 4x6 (nine feet long) 

Four Treated 4x4 (eight feet long)

Twenty-Eight self-tapping structural screws (3 inches long)

Four Eye-Bolts (available on this website)

Four S-Hooks (available on this website)

The list of tools that you will need is short:

One Drill

One Drill bit

One Tape Measure

One Marking Pen

One Long-Handle Screwdriver

One Drill

One Small Ladder

In about thirty minutes, you will have a beautiful, long-lasting hammock stand that will support two Hammocks from The Hammock Hut...side-by-side. 

Slide the brackets onto the ends of the 4x6 lumber as shown. Screw the brackets into place through the pre-drilled holes with self-tapping, 3" structural screws. Doing this while they are at ground level will make the following steps easier. Support one end with a ladder to allow you to easily slide the legs into the first side of your stand. 

Insert one of the 4x4 legs into the bracket.

Then insert the second leg into the bracket.

At this point, it should look like this. 

Carefully, the other side and insert the third leg into the bracket on the other side.

Insert the fourth and final leg into the bracket.

You'll now realize just how great this is going to be. 


Drive 3" structural screws into the legs through the pre-drilled holes.

 Next, instal the hanging hardware. Measure from the bottom and along the length of each leg and mark a spot to drill 5'6".

Again, measure up from the bottom and along the length of the leg. Use a marking pen to note the spot to drill for the hanging hardware. 

 Drill horizontal holes in each leg for the eye-bolts.

Use a long-handled screwdriver to help screw one eye bolt into each leg. 

Turn the eye-bolts until they just begin to settle into the leg. Stop screwing when they are vertical and the open end us facing up. Then attach the s-hooks. 

That's all there is too it. It's a simple project and a wonderful hammock stand that can accommodate two of our hammocks. It's a nice, sociable area that can easily be enhanced by hanging plants and other creative ideas. :)