Chai Beach XXL hammock

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I one word. Big. More details coming soon. Limited quantities available. If you see this before (or even after), I have the opportunity for to write a full description, please call me for mor information. 715-347-7467 is my phone number. These are the most popular hammocks that I have made in my 20 years of hammock making. I am sewing Nonstop I would be happy to chat with you and tell you why i, and so many others, have loved these so much. The fabric that goes into these BIG hammocks  has wonderful qualities...quick to dry, UV Resistance, really, really wide and more. Please order with confidence or call me at 715- 347-7467 with any questions. If you love the BIG ones, please keep in mind that it is very hard for me to find this fabric. Without charging at least $300 more for each hammock. These are awesome and they are loved by many. If you are interested. Please order or call before they are gone. :)