About the Hammock Hut

Handcrafted Hammocks and Bags

The Hammock Hut is a one-of-a-kind, living and working studio and retail shop that specializes in fine, handcrafted fabric hammocks and messenger bags. All products are of exceptional quality and individually handcrafted in St. Germain, Wisconsin, ensuring your satisfaction and comfort.

When you visit, you'll enjoy a unique, indoor AND outdoor shopping experience where you are free to explore the friendly workshop, three indoor showrooms, and a beautiful, outdoor setting filled with unique hammocks, bags, and accessories.


At the Hammock Hut, you don't just get any hammock; you get a hammock made with love, designed to last a lifetime. Uniquely created just for you, the Hammock Hut invites you to see what years of creativity and expectational passion create. From bold, bright, and detailed to simplistic and soothing, the Hammock Hut has every pattern and design you can imagine to fit your style and taste.

Committed to creating a quality product that you can trust, when you shop with the Hammock Hut you're bound to find a product like none other. Creating a truly superior product, the Hammock Hut implements their 15 years of experience and quality craftsmanship to bring their customers durable, beautiful hammocks, bags, and more. Individually crafted, all materials are purchased locally from US-based manufacturers and then repurposed in a way that ensures the highest quality with very little waste.

Hammocks, bags, accessories and more. You can't go wrong when you shop at the Hammock Hut. Come in today and choose from their wide array of styles and designs at a price that can’t be beat.