"Awesome hammock. It will outlast me."
"Can't say enough great things about Shawn and his hammocks. Quality made, colorful, and fun to be in. Thank you!!"


"We've been driving by on our way to other events for a couple years and finally stopped in today! The fabrics are amazing and there are so many to choose from! Can't wait to go back and get my hammock!"


"We just purchased two hammocks from the Hammock Hut as our wedding present to each other. Love the craftsmanship and the variety of choices! Very knowledgeable and friendly business!"


"My husband and I stopped in today to check out the hammocks and ended up leaving with two!! Love them....went home and hung them immediately. I don't want to get out. Can't say enough about the quality and selection. Highly recommend everyone to try them out. Shawn is super nice and informative. He really knows what he is doing. Thanks so much."

"The owner is so friendly and helpful!!! Love my hammock, Best purchase I've ever made!!!"


"Thanks Shawn! Bravo you! Congratulations on your move to St. Germain... Wishing you the best. Can't wait to rock in my hammock! Sew on!"
"Dear Hammock Shop Shawn omg!!!!! we got ours today!!!! love love love it!!!! perfect!!!!!! we want another one in forest camo!!!!"
"Thank you so much its beautiful!!!!! made in America and made with individual love and care!!!!!"


"Here is our backyard setup, I am swinging in one right now, it's pure bliss." :)
"I feel that shark tank should be on your radar, your product is the best and you should take it all the way."

"The Hammock Hut produces the most amazing hammocks and blankets I have ever seen made. Being the Director of a Children's Museum, I look for quality, durability, and vibrant products. His hammocks, blankets, and handbags, can stand up to any child or adult. Made to last forever, his vintage and modern fabrics have made products that will be "hand me downs" in my house for sure!"

"We've had our little piece of heaven UPNORTH for 6 years now, we've also had most of our hammocks for that same length of time! They're awesome! Can't wait to relax in them each weekend! Your product is WELL worth the money! We have never had to repair any of them and we have a single, a 1 1/2 and a double!"


"Great Hammocks everyone! A great guy to work with and always pleases the customer! We are so lucky to have such a quality manufacturer in our backyard, right here in the Northwoods!"


"I just wanted to take a minute to share a picture of a bag that you made for me about 5 years ago. I use it a few days a week whether I'm going to the gym or shopping or even hunting! It has been through a lot of torture being tossed around in my truck and still in great shape. Still have not found a rip or a tear or anything to complain about. I would happily buy another one but with this quality I don't think I will need to for at least another 5+ years. Keep up the great work! Sincerely, a happy customer."


"Stopping by the Hammock shop three years ago changed our lives. Our kids spend a good portion of their summers playing in their hammocks, and the only bad camping trip we've had since then was the one time we forgot to bring the hammocks. We can't tell you how much you and your great hammocks mean to us!"


"I had heard some great reviews but I was still amazed at the incredible quality and style of these hammocks! They really are supper comfortable and can be hung anywhere. I had put off the purchase as I live in a condo, but ordered a hammock with tree huggers and was able to use the tree huggers to loop it through the steel support beams of the balcony above. And now we have a hammock off our condo that's 100% secure. I have not seen anything else as beautifully made or as stylish, yet also be this comfortable and flexible to be hung anywhere! Thank you Hammock Hut!""Just think of all you have accomplished in a relatively short time since settling there...lots of hard work!!! The place looks great and you`ve done well-made some new friends...be proud, young man!"


"We absolutely love the hammock. It's just what we wanted It's perfect!.We just have to figure where to put it. I will tell everyone who might be interested, about your great service and quality product. It was a pleasure to do business with you."


"So my sister put her hammock up in her dorm and already has people jealous! they want one too! this is a whole new market for you!! be prepared to send more business cards her way!"


"Visiting the Hammock Hut and meeting the owner was a fantastic and fun experience today. We came home with a gorgeous Hammock that's super comfortable. We will definitely be getting another! Prices are good, shop is fun, and website is very informative. I wish all shopping experiences were like this!"


"SHAWN!!!!!!!! You kindly made me my own Shannon bag for me. I received it today. I can't thank you enough! I've been searching for a new purse for a while and I can officially say my search is over...for a very long time. It's absolutely beautiful. The quality is something I could never buy in a store. The shipping was crazy fast and the touch of candy canes in the box was such an added bonus. It immediately put such a happiness to my day! I also have one of his hammocks too and its beautiful, comfortable, durable, and perfectly made. Can't say enough good things!!!"Our family has purchased several hammocks from Shawn! When we camp we have a little hammock village! Everyone fights over who gets to nap in them. They can with stand my kids and still maintain there high quality! I ❤️ my hammocks!""A big shout out to Hammock Shop Shawn for making delicious soups for the volunteer crew at the Northwoods childrens museum! Our special Olympics friends looked cold too so we shared with they and they want to compliment the chef! Thank you so much! Consider yourself hugged!"


"Love my hammock from the hammock shop! Super comfortable and durable. Couldn't ask for a nicer person to work with. Shawn is very personable and very friendly. I have brought many friends to the shop to hang out on the back trail and all of them have bought at least one hammock if not more. Everyone loves them!"


"We own 4 hammocks!! The hammock hut has saved me with my children's happiness!! They literally swing at least 2 to 3 hours EVERY DAY. Hammocks are great for all kids and my little guy with sensory issues. I also fit in it with them and all 4 of us can swing together too. SO many happy hours and fun and giggles and snores. It is worth the investment and Shawn is so dedicated and invested in them. Thanks Shawn you have restored my sanity!!!"


"Thank You for your donation to our annual Trout Unlimited member appreciation dinner. Your donation contributed to the success of our event and we appreciate your gift."


"It doesn't matter how many hammocks I put up....I still can't find an open one. (Even after returning from summer camp with more. Thanks Shawn!"


"Christmas is near.I would like to offer a GREAT gift idea.A hammock from Hammock Shop Shawn.A GREAT guy in a small town in the USA. Best money ever spent."


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the awesome bag! I received it today and I love it. I've been searching everywhere for a more fashionable diaper bag and this is perfect. My cousin told me I had to look at your webpage and I'm glad I did. I will definitly keep looking at the website and will order from you again. I will spread your name around. Thanks for the raisins and thanks again!"


"You have a fantastic new shop there...it has a great feel and I just know it's going to be perfect. Your hammocks are better than ever and Saint Germain is so lucky to have you. Keep spreading your sparkle around."


"Hey Shawn, the bag donated for Biketoberest was won by an 11 year-old girl. She was so happy!"


"You are one of the hardest working I know. Such dedication and great service that you give your customers. Orders in, orders out."


"Shawn, I'm so happy for you and your success! It couldn't happen to a better man! How far you've come in life and have so much respect from all your friends and loved ones!!!"


"I absolutely love my bag. You take so much pride in your work and you PERSONALLY work with your customers on a one on one basis to assure they get exactly what they want and that they are well satisfied. Louis Vuitton and Lew Frankfort(Coach CEO) should take lessons from you :) I am very proud to sport my new designer ...label "The Hammock Shop"


"Nothing but quality and true craftsmanship!"


"It looks way more fabulous than I was able to imagine. You deserve a big BRAVO!"


"The kids absolutely love their new INVESTMENT! (Ok, I do, as well). I also want to tell you, that based on my experience, I love the way you run your business. I have had my own business for 15 years, now. It's been a great gig, but I can tell you really have a passion for what you do. I truly admire that."


"We had such a nice time seeing the operations of the AMAZING Shawn Hammock!!! THE BEST HAMMOCKS EVER!!!! Thanks for the nice visit!!! Kayleigh and Destiny LOVE the new sleepy swing!!!!"

"We wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much we are enjoying our hammocks. Luckily the weather has been nice so I used your design from The Bear Paw to make a spot in our backyard to hang ours. I customized it a bit more with a pergola style roof. The neighborhood kids have enjoyed playing as well. They are so comfortable and we will get a lot of use out of them. I have attached some pictures for you. People have asked about them and they are jealous. We hopefully will be able to send more business your way. Thanks again."


"You are an amazing small business owner and your Hammocks are the BEST!!!!!! Congratulations to a blessed year!!! 2015 will be even better! You have a giving heart!!!"


"Great day for our Down syndrome awareness walk! I won the Messenger Bag you donated!!! So excited!!! Thanks again!"


"Great Hammocks. I have an original...it's about 11 years old. It's been camping dozens of times. I sleep in it all the time. My hammock spent years in my back yard in the Florida weather. Great product thanks Shawn!"


"I LOVE my new bag!!! Thanks for the candies :) Handed out 2 cards tonight at dinner - more to come… thanks for an AWESOME, HIGH QUALITY, made with LOVE in the USA work of art!!"


"I stopped by The Hammock Hut today and talked to Shawn Hammock for a while. I  just had to come home with two hammocks for home, camping and our summer trip! Thanks Shawn"Not only is Shawn a great guy but he also makes AMAZIMG hammocks! Very durable and great for relaxing!"


"One of Hammock Shop Shawn's original hammocks! At least 11 years old and still swinging strong!! Many hours of swinging spent in this gem! Still remember the day you pulled it out of your trunk! I was in love!"


"I waited patiently until I could be alone with my new bag! I filled it up with all my possessions and I am so happy! I HEART MY NEW BAG!!!"


"I love it!! It holds all of my stuff plus what I need for the kids with room to spare!! Thank you Shawn!! I ditched the blasted diaper bag and couldn't be happier!! LOVE THE BAG!!! You rock!!"


"Just from talking for a short while Shawn picked me the perfect hammock over the phone! Seriously the best purchase I have made in years! Wonderful customer service and real genuine down to earth homies!"


"We got the bag already today...What fast service!! It is great, strong, well-crafted, perfect for a diaper bag, and we LOVE it! Thank you so much Shawn! Thanks for the candy too :)"


"Love my new green bag! Great color. Next stop a Hammock!!"


"Hi Shawn! Thank you SOOOO much for the "LOVE SHACK" hammock. My husband LOVES it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first night we put it up I thought he was going to sleep in it! Your hammocks are amazing and I really appreciate everything! THANKS"


"Summer fun! What better than a good book, a faithful dog and swinging in a hammock by the campfire?"


"I  love, love, love my new messenger bag Shawn...have had several compliments on it, have given out the cards u sent with the bag.....so I hope you get some sales with the cards I give out!!!"


"We love our hammocks...Thank you Shawn Hammock!"


"I absolutely love it! Now I can go into the woods or along the river and put everything I need into this big, beautiful, happy, colorful, extremely sturdy bag and still have my hands free to work! Thank you, I LOVE IT!"


"Lalalallalala! I am sooo happy I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT you ROCK!"


"OMG, I love, love, love the hammock.....I knew it would be cool, but way cooler that I thought!! Very nicely crafted, and the candy and Thank You card and extra business cards....Nice Touch, I am going to give those cards out too!! I really hope you can market these bags with success, quality made for a great price...Thanks!!!!"


"Kristina loved her messenger bag. Using it before we left Washington. Merry Christmas Shawn."


"Thanks for my new custom designed hammock, Shawn. I LOVE it!! You are the best."


"I got one of your beautiful hammocks for an early holiday gift...LOVE IT!"


"Two weekends ago I got to take two naps in my hammock already. You have to keep up your work at least till EVERYONE owns a hammock. People would all be a lot nicer if they had a hammock in their lives."


"I love it! I got it two days after I ordered it, great customer service. Thanks!"


"Hi. I Received the hammock yesterday. It is awesome! I am so impressed with the way it looks, the quality of the bag, the inserts, etc., etc. These are a WINNER!"

"It is raining outside so the hammocks come inside. They are way more comfy than the couch!"


"I absolutely love it! It was perfect for the trip and I got so many compliments on it!"


"Got a hammock over labor day weekend (along with my fiance and best friend)- loving it! We all went hammock camping for the first time a few weeks out and I'm planning on getting one more weekend in before it gets really cold!"

"Thanks Shawn! I love love love my bag!"

"Just want to say thanks again for my hammock Shawn I love it!!"


"I've been using the hammock everyday since you delivered it. Thanks again for setting it up for me. I just love it. It's so comfortable. I can lay in it to relax and can even sit sideways to eat lunch. I'm so glad I finally stopped in to see what your shop was all about. I'll be back and I'll tell others."

"Thank you!!!!!!!!!! I love my bag. I have been using it everyday"

"Went camping this weekend and saw two of your beautiful hammocks, hanging at a neighbors site. They LOVE them and think they are the best quality hammocks that they have ever seen. :)"

"I love it, I love it, and my daughter is seriously crazy over hers. Everyone that we have showed them to have just flipped for them."

"You are both very talented people, and I wish you much success."


"I have a hammock from here hanging in my room and it is sturdy and comfortable. I read in it all the time."


"I think your hammocks are a spiritual experience."

"a trail full of hammocks...fresh air...river...great people...who needs anything more?"


"I slept in my hammock all weekend at a campground on the St. Croix. It was absolutely fabulous. It worked perfectly. A few of my friends are now really interested in the hammocks as well. Thank you for introducing me to the best hammocks on earth! They entertained the kids all weekend, we relaxed and slept in them. I don't know what we would have done without them."


"Built to last with durable and interesting materials."


"Hi Shawn, my name is Marcia. Sometime in June or July I came to your wonderful shop with my friend Karen. We both bought One of your beautiful hammocks. I found the perfect place to hang mine, between two apple trees which form a canopy over the top of it."


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I love it!"


"We love our hammocks...Thank you Shawn Hammock"


"They are the best! We bought 4 a few years ago and they are still going strong! They have seen Colorado, Wisconsin and Illinois often!"


"My daughter purchased a metal hammock stand so she can enjoy the hammock in her room year around. Her friends LOVE the "second bed" in her room."

"We so appreciate the quality work you do. This is a birthday gift and we all feel was that it was money well spent."


"We just received the Hammock and you were right. It is awesome!"


"We have bought several hammocks from The Hammock Hut and truly enjoy every one of them. Excellent quality and pure comfort. Shawn is personable and a joy to visit with."It was great doing business with you and I'm sure we will be back soon."

"Your personal touch including the phone call when it shipped was unique and appreciated! The surprise Sweet Tarts in the box are what really got me though. Thank You!"

"Your shop is AMAZING! You have created such comfortable place to visit with lots of good energy. We wish you all of the success in the world."


"Several years ago, we purchased one of your original hammocks. We absolutely love it and take everywhere. We are so happy to see that you are still making these lovely hammocks."

"I Love The Hammock Shop!!!!!"


"I received my hammock from the now Hammock Hut as a graduation present...10 years ago. Goodness, that's aging me! It was the greatest thing ever in my dorm room. It still looks as beautiful as the day I got it!"


"I really appreciate the great work you do! I am a teacher and have a million things in my hands when I arrive at school so I was tickled to have the bag fit my iPad so well. Plus it looks great and holds more junk than I probably need to be carrying!!! And best of all...It is LOCAL and you gotta feel great about that!" 


I just received one of your hammocks as a gift. I felt compelled to write to you and thank you for such a great product."

"I will be telling all of my friends about The Hammock Shop. Thank You!"

"Thank you!!!!!!!!!! I love my bag. I have been using it everyday"