Our Story


These exceptional hammocks are individually handcrafted at The Hammock Hut in St. Germain, Wisconsin. They are among the highest quality hammocks available...at any price. Our individually handcrafted hammocks are exclusively available on this website and at our shop in St. Germain, Wisconsin.

For the past Eleven years, The Hammock Hut has been known as The Hammock Shop. In an effort to see to it that our website address (.com) and e-mail address match our business name, we have made a slight shift from the word "shop" to the word "hut"...only the name has changed.

We go to great lengths to find and to purchase unusually high quality fabrics from American manufacturers and then turn them into high quality, individually handcrafted creations. The quality of our hammocks is unsurpassed. We believe that a positive future for all of us depends upon our individual choices to buy well-made, American products whenever possible. All of the products, both here on this website and at our shop, are deserving of the the "made in USA" label.

A visit to The Hammock Hut is a unique shopping experience and offers a much larger selection than we are able to offer online. Many of our hammocks are quite unique and, often, one-of-a-kind creations. With over 100 hammocks to choose from, the in-store selection is vast and definitely worth a trip to the shop in St. Germain.

The Hammock Hut is a living and working studio that specializes in unique, handcrafted fabric hammocks. All of our products are created here, at our shop in St. Germain, Wisconsin.

We hope that you’ll visit us for a unique indoor and outdoor shopping experience where you will be free to explore our workshop, our showrooms, and our wooded, outdoor trail of high-quality hammocks.

For the widest variety. Please visit us in person. Our Store hours are from "the crack of noon" until 6pm. Often, we open earlier and stay open later. If you'd like to visit us outside of our normal business hours, we'll be happy to be here for you. Please call 715-347-7467 to schedule a time that works best for you...day or night.

We utilize a wide variety of ever-changing, commercial-quality fabrics to create some of the finest hammocks available…at any price.


Many of our fabrics are re-purposed from facilities that outfit yachts, airplanes, colleges, restaurants, automobiles and other commercial applications.

Shopping at The Hammock Hut is fun. There is never any pressure to make a purchase. Guests are encouraged to stay a while and to enjoy the surroundings.

Update 2024:

Welcome to Hammock Hut, where relaxation meets fun! For over 20 years, I've poured my heart and soul into Hammock Hut, starting with a shoestring budget and the invaluable support of wonderful friends in the small town of Langlade, Wisconsin.

From those humble beginnings, my products have evolved in terms of quality and variety over the course of several years. My journey has been fueled by the kindness and support of countless friends, to whom I am eternally grateful.

On a daily basis, I am deeply involved in crafting hammocks, crossbody bags, and awesome cornhole bags that have become a real hit among our customers. Each product is infused with care and attention to detail, reflecting my commitment to providing you with the best in outdoor relaxation.

As I move forward, Hammock Hut is evolving once again after a pause for a life-changing heart transplant, which I'm thrilled to say has been a huge success. Health, happiness, and vitality are returning to my life, and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to continue this adventure.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to all the individuals who have supported Hammock Hut over the years. Your unwavering encouragement and support have been the driving force behind my journey, and the adventure continues because of you. Thank you for your continued support—I am eternally grateful.

Warm regards,