Seasonal Sale


Once each year, I put all of my energy into the website and holiday sales. It is a big push on this end to create and fill all of the holiday orders. Truly, it is a labor of love. It's that time again and the sewing machine is working overtime. The result is a rather nice collection of hammocks and bags that are available at wholesale prices. Either here, online, or in person at The Hammock Hut, you will never find better prices on top-quality hammocks and bags. 

With the exception of a few accessories, the entire website and the entire store is on sale now...50 percent off!

This is a fantastic opportunity to take care of your holiday shopping. I have started the sale early enough to be able to see to it that everybody is able receive their order well-before the holidays. The prices have never been better. Please take me up on this, once-a-year opportunity for huge savings at wholesale prices. 

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