Dragonfly Crossbody Bag

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This bag is one of only 15 like it...beautiful. There will never be more made just like it. It is cut and sewn completely by hand with exceptionally high quality fabrics, thread, and hardware. All zippers and hardware are YKK brand for long life and durability. The entire bag is made to be both beautiful and to last for many years. 

This Bag has a zippered pocket on both the front and the back. It also has an easy-access rear pocket that is ideal for quick access to your smartphone to quickly answer a call or take a great photo without the need to open the entire bag. The beautiful messenger bag has a total of seven pockets. The cover tucks nearly behind the dragonfly front for both security and quick access to the 5  front pockets (there are two addional pockets located on the rear). 

the 1" strap is of the highest quality webbing and hardware , again, Utilizing YKK hardware. It can be quickly and easily adjusted to be worn over the shoulder or extended to be worn crossbody. the slim design is comfortable to wear and will  hold all of your important items for travel while still being small enough to easily tuck away into personal item or carry-on piece of luggage. 

the fabrics used to make these bags come in very limited quantities. This bag will never be duplicated. I it is designed with a $130 price in mind, I am offering these at an off-season price of only $85. If you think it is your style and that you or somebody that you love would enjoy it. Order one soon before they are gone.

if you have any questions. Please call me. 715-347-7467 is my phone number 

Shawn :)